Chris Nastav – KC Web Specialists

Chris Nastav is the owner of KC Web Specialists. They are experts in how small business gets done on the Internet. His company helps small business owners with all their Web site needs.

Chris Nastav has established his expertise over the last 14 years as a Web development and small business applications instructor for Johnson County Community College. He has been nominated twice for the Lieberman Teaching Excellence award. This award recognizes outstanding teaching skills combined with real world experience.

His company specializes in helping small businesses who want inexpensive but professional Web sites services in the following areas:

  • Understanding how the Web can help a small business
  • Explanation of the costs associated with doing business on the Internet
    New Web site development
  • Maintenance on existing Web sites
  • Search Engine Optimization – – or better know as, “Getting your site to show up in Google near the top”
  • Effective sales messaging for Web sites
  • Web page content development

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