Michelle & Kristie – Twin Fitness

Meet Kristie and Michelle, identical twins who have created a professional private personal training studio with over 24 years of combined experience in Nutrition and Personal training.  After the twins graduated from Kansas State University with dual degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science, they pursued personal training with an emphasis in nutritional counseling.  Kristie and Michelle followed their dreams and opened their own personal training studio “TwinFitness” in 2003.  With just the two of them and 25 clients the twins put their heads together and came up with a plan, to be the most successful private personal training studio in the KC area.  They accomplished this with a customers always first philosophies, creative marketing, hard team work, and a lot of dedication. 


The success of  TwinFitness has allowed the twins to expand their studio double the size of their studio since 2003, adding 3 highly qualified trainers training over 200 clients.  Their success has brought them appearances on local and national TV commercials, sports talk shows, fitness modeling, autograph signing, and the honors of being contacted by McGraw Hill publishing company to writing a book (which is due out in 2009).  The twins have also had several photo shoots with Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines. 


   Krisite and Michelle also set themselves apart from other trainers by competing in over 40 figure and fitness competitions marketing themselves at every show.  This paid off and they were recognized by a professional tanning company that hired them to travel and help at the Olympia and Arnold classic as part of the “Jan Tana” tanning team.  They assisted in tanning the professional fitness and figure competitors to look flawless on stage.  Doing this gave them more recognition and credibility to start training and tanning their own competitors locally.  The twins have been training competitors for over 6 years and have made TwinFitness the top studio to train with due to their success at EVERY show.  They have brought home more than 25 first place trophies and more than 75 top 5 finishes.  On average, TwinFitness places over 85% of their competitors, at every show.



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